Share information over the Internet via Google Noticeboard

Google Noticeboard is an application that helps people access and share information over the Internet using public digital noticeboards. Using Google Noticeboard, communities can access a variety of relevant information. People can create text messages or record voice snippets and post them to one or more noticeboards.

Who is the Noticeboard for?

Communities with access to shared computers can use the Noticeboard for exchanging messages related to community announcements, social interactions, local buying and selling, and information that is of wider interest to the community. The Noticeboard may also be used for the community to engage in a dialog with benefactors, public servants, and other service providers who are geographically distant.

  • Click Create Message and pick one or many recipient Noticeboards from your contacts.
  • Record your audio message and select an icon to denote the subject of your message. Click
  • The message posted is delivered to the recipient’s Noticeboard. Click on the Play button to listen to the message.

Download Google Noticeboard

More information see official page


aniket said...

is downloading the software necessary ? cant it be done online ?

shubham said...

google wave is its update , without downloading software

Atlanta foreclosures said...

Noticeboard. Another great application from Google. It's easy to use when you like to share something in the net whether its a video or blog post. Thanks for this information. Very useful.

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