Using the Flash plugin with Firefox

The Adobe flash player browser plugin for firefox lets you view video and animated content in Firefox.

Note: The Firefox Software Update feature does not update installed plugins. See the Adobe Security bulletins and advisories page for information about security and stability issues affecting Adobe products.

Install the Flash plugin:

  • Using Firefox, go to the Adobe Flash Player download page.
  • Click the Agree and install now button, to download the installer.
  • After you've downloaded the installer file, double-click it and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Restart Firefox.
Adobe has released a critical update to address Adobe Flash Security Bulletin: Adobe has released a critical update to address an extremely malicious exploit affecting Flash Player. This exploit allows the attacker to run arbitrary and very harmful code on your computer. This vulnerability is also present in Adobe reader ,

Some types of flash games or software api wont work on firefox ,chrome ,even IE8 ,and they work only IE7 , upgrading these flash browser will make them easily work in firefox . Meanwhile 3.5.2 version of firefox is released with many bug fixes and supports
3.5.2, English (US), Windows (7.7MB)
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gaurav said...

very well ,thx i was unable to view youtube videos on xubuntu , this fixed my problem

.net video chat said...

Thanks it solved my constant problrm!

Greatchandeliers said...

Thank you so much for that I did eventually find one, but your new one is better as mine was a bit flat.

Beep said...

Hi , i have ubuntu and i am unable to play any youtube video in firefox although i have updated the flash plugin , please help

Fruit Cage said...

Great plugin - thanks a lot for sharing it

Riser Recliner Chair said...

Thanks for this - it works great :)

Austin Texas real estate said...

I guess Firefox and Adobe blends really well. Firefox is easier to use than IE8. Well, that's what I think. And Firefox has a lot of add-ons that helps users to make their task easier.

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