Top Tools and Sites to backup Twitter

If you are an active twitterer biggrin tweeting n times on twitter , chances are high that someone may try to hack account or report as spam or anything worse twisted .

But losing all that amount of tweets , friends , @replies , direct messages can be quite shocking !
Thus to again find your ex - friends and ex - followers will be quite hectic and boring mad !

And no !
Twitter does not have backup solution !

But yes !
Many several services and tools are available that will allow you to backup your twitter profile
here the big list !

It's easy, just authorize TweetBackup !

Features :
  • Runs Over The Internet
  • Backup
  • Installation Required
  • To Use
  • Twitter-Password Required


This service allows you to take the backup of any of your Twitter Profile , like Followers, Friends, Favorites, Your Tweets, Direct Messages or you can choose to backup everything in one go at any point of time, just by providing your Twitter username and password in CSV format.


Twitter only lets you see your most recent 3,200 tweets ! eek
Take control of your Twitter account and make it permanent. Get started as soon as you can so you don't lose any tweets!
See all your tweets on one web page, or download in HTML , XML or JSON

4. Friendbackup
A Java Application razz

  1. Click on the launch button.
  2. Save and open the file then wait for it to download.
  3. After running the file, a small window will open up.
  4. Click on the backup tab and enter your Twitter username and password.
  5. Then you can select what you’d like to backup (following, followers, DMs, tweets, and/or favorites).
  6. You can also view your stats and export your backup file.

Note : [You need Java 6 to run it.]

5. TwitterBackup
TwitterBackup is a tool that downloads all your tweets and stores them in XML format. The document type is identical to Twitter’s API.
A Java application idea ,
Download it and enter user name and password

In the ‘file name’ field you’ll need to enter name of the file where your tweets will be stored after they have been downloaded.
If the file exists, TwitterBackup will read it and add only newer tweets to it. This is an incremental backup and faster than a full backup.

If any one or more Tools or Websites are left , comment here !


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QWERTY rocks! i liked the Favicon!

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i have used all of em ,just trying friendbackup , very thanks for the list :)

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I think that and tweetake are the best over here . You don't lose anything if you use one , but you can lose if somebody hacks your account ,so it's better to do a safe backup :-) .

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