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Google has done it again, after many acquisitions and removal of beta and making it full fetched out of beta products like gmail , now its the another THING which would almost kill most of its product competitors, and this time its the Google Chrome OS, also called as the Chromium OS.
Here is tutorial to  Download Google Chrome OS and how to configure it

First of all don’t expect its going to be more efficient like windows 7 , its almost like linux . The current version to boot your computer with this OS like Windows is  running it on a Virtual Machine on your computer. Which means that this would use addition PC resources in order to run because the normal OS would also run in the background. The OS needs you to login to a Google Account but dont use your main account , use a temporary one because it can have many problems .

Starting with VirtualBox :

Download the 200Mb torrent file which comes in the .BZ2 format  and then extract in on your computer using programs like this ones .
Once extracted the total setup file is a Chrome OS Image vmdk file of 712mb size.
  • Next download Virtual Box [another alternative VMware Player ] based on your PC configuration which is a free software useful for running a virual machine on your computer.
  • Install Virtual Box , Next you will be asked to register for a Sun Online Account ,
  • Sign up !
  • Its free as Virtual Box is a service from Sun.

Next, once the installation is completed you will find a screen like the following one.
Click on New > Next > and follow the On screen options.
You will be asked to give a name for the Virtual Machine , give it any name.
Then you will be asked to set how much RAM you would like to allot from your total physical RAM, though by default there would be a number given to you which you can proceed.

  • Next you will be asked to create a Virtual Hard Disk in which you have a option to create a new Hard Drive for booting up or else use existing Hard Drive. 
  • Now select the 2nd option and then click on the Home Folder option you find in it. [If you have one more hard disc then 1st option ]
  • You will get a popup on your screen called as Virtual Media Manager, click on  Add
  • Then browse the file you had earlier downloaded from the torrent website and select it

Recheck if you had selected the option of Use existing hard disk.
Click on Next & Finish

At last on  the main screen you need to click on the Start Button which will start running the Chrome OS and it will take few minutes to start up !

In order to continue you need to login with your Google Account 
It is lightweight , Do try to install if you are a google fan or if you have nothing better to do !

Google chrome OS looks features

Note : This is not self bootable operating system ,  For Mac users use VMware Fusion
Another site for this tutorial is gdgt 
Links :
Official blog
Chromium OS Security
Chromium OS & Open Source
Chromium OS Fast Boot

If anuone has too tried it , sont forget to share your experiences !


Letterhead Printing | said...

Waaah~ This is out already?! XD
I don't know if I will use this in the future, but I am so excited to try it out! Thanks for sharing. :)

Sourav said...

Thanks for this full tutorial for using chrome OS but I'm not going to use it right now..I'm very happy with Win XP SP3 which I'm currently using.


Voucher codes said...

they recommend me the chrome browser,thanks for sharing the download tutorial for Google Chrome and especially the way how to install it.

earring said...

I think i`m not making an overstatement when i say that in 10 years from now, Google will buy Microsoft and own the OS market. I`m not going to use Chrome OS until a more user friendly version comes, but i think it will be in the near future.

YouCanHack | Blog said...

I am not sure that it will be the forever OS for me, but obviously I am going to try this out. Thank You for this post.

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parfume said...

I will have to try this out - I looks very good. Thanks for the post

self catering said...

thanks for sharing the tutorial to download Google Chrome and especially how to configure

Menswear said...

ive try google chrome and i like it..the only problem is the pluggins.. firefox has so many that are really helpfull.. i hope chrome comes out with more plugging..

Wellness said...

Google Chrome will be the next big thing. I can't wait for it to come out

Cancer said...

Chrome is the choice. It will be the next big thing, and think of it, it`s free.

holiday rental said...

I am not sure about this option, because is a fast Operative System but is not compatible with another programs like photoshop

headache migraine said...

Nice tutorial. I'm using google chrome and I really like it, it's faster, and looks better than the other internet browsers.

roulette on line sistema bomba said...

I think is better firefox because google chrome doesn't have a lot of plugins.

recall software said...

wow i am really exited to use this in future than that post is vey useful for me Thnaks for sharing such a nice information

ASP Dot Net Development said...

Google is Awesome

Very Informative Posting

Cocoplum homes said...

Is the Google Chrome OS is better than LINUX Ubuntu? Well I think it's great to use Chrome OS because like LINUX it doesn't get affected by virus or any other malicious programs.

bagus said...

I love chrome, I think it's faster than opera..but it still my number two browser after firefox

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