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                      With the latest Google Chrome OS and Google Wave , even the chrome browser has started providing many extensions just like firefox .
The Greasemonkey addon , which is the most used and hugely useful for customizing many kewl things  working with help of userscripts , now is available even for Chrome browser  !

In short ;
Greasemetal is the Chrome tool of those handy javascripts which let you modify its behavior.

Greasemetal comes as a 1.2MB installer download for Google Chrome.
Hopefully, it won’t be that long before Chrome would give the Firefox add-ons gallery a run for its download

  • After installation, launch Greasemetal from the start menu. 
  • Greasemetal will in turn start up Google Chrome, while hooking its behaviours to insert userscripts.
    Once you have started running Greasemetal, add userscripts to the userjs directory under your My Documents folder
  • If you are unfamiliar with userscripts, a number of scripts are available from
Functioning : Google Chrome does not provide any interface to develop browser addons. Greasemetal modifies the behaviour of Google Chrome using an inter-process communication channel called AutomationProxy, which is used for automatically testing the functions of the web browser.

Download : GreasemetalInstaller.exe (1.2MB)

5 comments: development said...

I don't know about this so I can not comment on how is result

But After this post read i got it some idea so thanks for sharing useful posting

dispensing software said...

Wht is this? pls tell me someone how it works.

Quit Smoking said...

I guess with Firebug, SEOQuake lite toolbar, and now GreecyMonkey finally arriving in chrome I can officially say goodbye to everyother browser. I love many of the GreecyMonkey scripts. Now I guess I am gonna play them on Chrome. :)

Southern Highlands real estate said...

This is only for Google Chrome right? This would definitely give a run at Firefox's add-ons. Chrome is much faster than Firefox and with this application Chrome is much more customized. Very nice post! I like it!

John R said...

I wish I'm a bit of a programmer, sadly I"m not..looks like interesting add on for chrome, any tutorial on how to use it?

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