Create newspapers clipping instantly on the web

Now its very easy to publish your Newspaper within Seconds ,

 Just fill out this :
  • Name of the newspaper:
  • Date:
  • Headline:
  • Enter your story:
And click on GENERATE !
This kinda image will be generated

More fundo things to create :

  1. a newspaper
  2. ninja text
  3. a clapper board
  4. wizard text
  5. talking squirrels
  6. talking flowers
  7. a cigarette packet
  8. talking tomatoes
  9. talking cats
  10. talking owls
  11. A Wanted Poster
Link :
Fool your friends OR astonish em  :D


Louise | said...

Haha! Cool~ Now those pranksters on the web can easily fool more people. Thanks for sharing this!

clipping path said...

Cool post.

recall software said...

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.net web development said...

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iHealth Zone said...

Hey, A friend of mine displayed me one such news paper image a few days back and was thinking how he did it may be photoshop.. lol.. and never thought some website was helping him.. :D

Thanks for sharing the link.. :)

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