Watch videos with a friend in Yahoo Messenger

Ever wanted to watch a short internet video with somebody ? while chatting on messenger !

Most times, you and your buddy saves it to watch later—then gets back to you when you have long forgotten all about it. Or, they click on the link and head off to YouTube land, leaving you behind in the IM window wondering where the heck they went.

Theres now a new Zync plugin in yahoo messenger that allows people to share videos in sync over Yahoo! Messenger for Windows. You simply run Zync inside of Messenger and type (in the chat window) a video link to YouTube or Yahoo! Video , Volia! The video loads in a little player right next to the chat conversation and you and your buddy stay in sync. If you pause, your friend's player pauses in the same spot. If they rewind the whole video, yours rewinds. You both get to watch the video together like you are sitting on the sofa and sharing the remote.

To use it simply have to install it, and then, when we’re chatting with someone, paste the link to the video you want to do with the other person, and then press the button “Watch with me.”

Now more sites are added :D 
  3. (public videos only)

Hope it continues to add more!

Download Zync Plugin 

Download Yahoo Messenger 


Luigi | said...

I have used this plugin so many times and I really find it awesome. My friends and I can watch music videos and have a conversation at the same time.

Karan said...

One of the best plugin i know and that makes me like yahoo messenger than gtalk or msn ,
wish more plugins are developed

Free mp3 download said...

Yes in the loser time in office I watch video in Yahoo massanger with my office friend. Thanks to Yahoo.

Phone directory said...

I have been using yahoo messenger for about 4 years now. I thought me and my friends were among the last ones still using it, but it seems it gaining back its former popularity. Thanks for posting and makeing it more popular.

Bruce said...

very nice info.Thanks
Bruce clay

    brother printer cartridges said...

I m a regular user of Yahoo messenger,my friends share videos with me regularly but most of the times i forgot to see it.Today only i will install
Zync Plugin in my Laptop and use it.Thanks for the information.

Alfred Allan said...

That's pretty cool and a great way for sharing.

Although I didn't know many people used Yahoo Messenger anymore..

Problems said...

Yahoo Messenger is great, but i don`t like the movie thing. I liked it more when it was a simple cheat program.

Power Poker Rakeback said...

This is a cool application. It's a shame it's for yahoo messenger. I don't know a lot of people who use it if any.

.net web development said...

nice info.

I will try this thanks for sharing

dispensing software said...

great post.

Thanks for sharing

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