Download Youtube videos free without any software

     YouTube is a video sharing website on which users can upload and share videos.
Three former PayPal employees created YouTube which is now a powerful tool championing the rights of individuals and promoting free expression through videos which a user uploads and anyone can watch .
Its the largest video sharing website . Many peoples use youtube either uploading or listening/Watching videos but you cannot download a video from youtube  .
Still there are various softwares available to grab any video , 
but  here is the list of websites that provides an option to download your favorite videos from youtube.
Here's the top 10 websites:

1] YouTube Catcher : YouTube Catcher allows you to download YouTube videos easy and fast. It also offers an FLV player to watch the videos on the PC.

2] : It doesn’t have a lot of options, but it’s simple, and it works. It also enables you to share the YouTube video with your friends via e-mail.

3] Kiss YouTube Kiss YouTube offers the easiest way for downloading video clips from YouTube. To download and save a YouTube video clip, just add the word “kiss” to the video URL in your browser address bar and hit enter. And then click on the download link provided to save the video to your computer.

  1. Whenever you are watching video on YouTube, goto the address bar at the top of your browser.
    Notice the URL is something like this:
  2. Just in front of the domain name, insert the word 'kiss'.  Eg.
  3. Press the 'Enter' key and it will bring you to this website. Click on the download link provided to save the video to your computer.
4] YouTubeLoader Firefox Plugin Youtubeloader firefox plugin is a Greasemonkey script, which adds a Download link below the YouTube video. YouTubeLoader allows you to easily download videos from YouTube. You can download any video from any category (Music, Comedy, Entertainment etc.) in a matter of seconds.

5] KeepVid is another popular site .

6] Vixy  This service allows you convert a Flash Video / FLV file (YouTube's videos,etc) to MPEG4 (AVI/MOV/MP4/MP3/3GP) file online. It is using a compressed domain transcoder technology (outline in Japanese). It converts FLV to MPEG4 faster and less lossy than a typical transcoder.
When you submit a URL, it will download and convert to the video format, and then you can download the converted file.

7] YouTubia  is a YouTube clone that lets you download and save YouTube videos (as FLV format) easily using your IE or Firefox browser. Downloaded FLV videos can be viewed offline for unlimited consumption

8] VidGrab : helps people find and watch their favorite videos online also make it easy to download videos that you really enjoy. At VidGrab you can download YouTube videos, Download Google Videos, Download Break videos, Download Myspace videos and download most flv videos.

9] Zamzar: Have you ever wanted to convert files without the need to download software ? Its an online file format conversion site which can do a lot more than just converting YouTube videos to another format and downloading them , Formats supported are Document , Image , Music ,Video ,Compressed and CAD .

10] VideoDownloader : It supports even more video sharing sites, and it’s also available as a Firefox extension. Just like with KeepVid, all downloads are in .flv format.

Get its addon :

Know even more ? , comment here , i will add up :)


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Very interesting article, from all the above choices I prefer using Firefox Plugin YouTubeLoader because it's easier to use only with Mozilla.

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I have #10 VideoDownloader. It's better than most other mentioned because its not only on youtube that you can download a video but also on other video sites. You just need a converter to convert the file format of the video.

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