Delete all direct messages on twitter

         If you find your Twitter direct message inbox filled up with many many number of DM's called as direct messages mainly due to tweetlater and you want to remove all [sent as well as recieved] at once then you can now do it easily instead of deleting all at once .From the maker of TweetStats and FirstFollow, here comes another twitter tool to delete multiple direct messages from your twitter account called  DM Whacker .It is a  bookmarklet just like for that  comes in  handy and one of the coolest hack in which we need tot visit any website or give username , password or authorize . Just drag this bookmarklet and drag it to your bookmarks bar of any browser safari , firefox you may be using.
Now go to the direct messages page after logging into your Twitter account and click on the DM Whacker bookmarklet.
            Just check out the options appearing on the sidebar there to delete DMs from a specific user , or all DMs. You can delete direct messages from both or either of your Inbox/Sent folders. Deleting a DM from your sent folder will also delete the same from the recipient’s Inbox folder. DM Whacker does take up a few moments to delete all your direct messages , so you need to wait till the page reloads several times and if you close site then you need to do it again as the process of deleting all direct messages will stop automatically .
When all will be deleted , you’ll get a confirmation window from DM Whacker like this

Please note that this little tool is ‘beta’ – so try it at your own risk. It may throw up some problems as mentioned in the creator’s page. But this little piece of software is really too useful to worry about the bad things.

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