Commit Suicide in Social Networks


               Tired of all Social Networking sites like facebook , myspace , linkedin and twitter ? Are you so much fed up with  spam messages , rude or no replies , again and again same crappy requests so that you want to block all this kinda thing as time is really precious nowadays ? Now Make the switch to web2.0 free life saying good-bye with dignity and Watch your 2.0 life passing by !
Remove all your friends from these social networking sites instantly .
I just came upon this site that serves just like Web2.0 Suicide Machine
Thats where this awesome killer site comes to work to take actual life back
The Web2.0 Suicide Machine lets you effectively delete all your energy sucking social-networking profiles, kill your fake virtual friends, and completely do away with your web2.0 alterego.
see FAQ
  • Simply enter your username and password for the required service
  • Site will systematically login to your account,  
  • Change your profile picture,  and then
  • one by one delete all of your friends.
Its free service working on all platforms Windows, Linux, Mac and while checking stats uptill now
58,401 friends have been unfriended and
230,922 tweets have been removed since launching.
Check this video

            A must try site only if you have made final decision to quit Social Media and yeah theres no Undo , once you click on Commit , theres no way to stop this service from deleting all your friends, though it has some positive points like you can then rest in a better Real Life getting rid of all stalkers! and help Improve your relationship!
‘Unfriending’ has never been this easy,

So if you are ready then feel free to delete your social profile
Commit NOW! 

Note : FaceBook has banned this site since 2010
After more than 50,000 friends being unfriended and more than 500 forever "signed-out" users, Facebook started to block this site from their servers without any comment! Hope many users interested in it will support it :D
You need Flash Player 10 installed on your browser .

BTW i will never commit this killing act , so you can find me on all these sites
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Character Education Resources said...

Very well done, i think you should go for graphic designing, these graphics are making your post more attractive.

Cara Hacking Facebook said...

I think, social networking still usefull for me, for viral marketing for example.. :)

Tech-Freak Stuff said...

Facebook has bloked this website! just to stop people from killing themselves online and losing their business.

desainer web said...

May be, I was one of your fake virtual friend..

Rachel said...

Sometimes I want to do that, I have a number of identities/usernames and connections online it gets a bit scary - sometimes I just want to be my the 'real' me relating to 'real' people only: instead of being a bunch of totally anonymous people.

bathroom tile designs said...

though it can be a lot of spam messages but facebook, myspace and twitter is still a mainstay for me to interact with friends

seduction community said...

It always annoyed me that Facebook didn't delete your entire profile, and left your pictures and everything up. I'm gonna give it a try and see if it still works >:)

chicago furniture said...

hahaha, i started a twitter account a year or so ago and have around 1600 followers, i've only posted a few times. frankly I dont know what to do with the thing. it would be fun to unwind the spambots that befriended me on the thing. in fact, i dont know anyone on a personal level that is using twitter. web development said...

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Its very useful for me

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Tulsa homes said...

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