Linux still is hated OS in the world

        Linux , one of the advanced OS known ,which is especially for advanced users and mainly for web-hosting is still the most hated OS . I dont agree and i dont say this ,but this is what i got after some googling and binging Linux Blog
Check this pic below
here , by just searching LINUX BLOG , the top result shown after googling is
linux blog

Linux Hater's Blog
I know a lot of you freetards out there dream of jobs where you can work on Linux, write code for Linux, and pen flowery blog posts that make it up on ... - Cached - Similar - Filter

and after checking this blog , i was surprised to see PR5 ,which means this is heavily backlinked blog which has the title
Linux Hater's Blog
We hate Linux. And you should too.

while the second result shows

The Linux Blog
Filed under: The Linux Blog News — at 11:45 am on Wednesday, December 9, 2009. Best iPhone Error Message Ever. Not Linux related at all but ...
Linux Hardware - Linux Software - October 2007 - General Linux - Cached - Similar - Filter

both are not Official Blogs

And then after binging ,

bing linux no official
 1st result
PR5 , but its just another not OFFICIAL

2nd result
Yet Another Linux Blog ,PR2

and 3rd result is funny , its the same
Linux Haters Blog , which is googles top result !

Even i am Linux + Windows user ,
i hope Google and Bing will make sure search results are enhanced and add up official blog if it exists


Tech-Freak Stuff said...

I am a big Fan and a user of Ubuntu Linux. It is really bad to hear this.

Gabe | said...

There's haters for everything so it's not surprising.

BTW, I love Linux!

seduction community said...

It's hard to believe someone would go to so much trouble keeping a blog based on how much they hate Linux.

Then again, search for "windows hate blog" and you get about 17 million responses.. haha!

Different OS systems have their different uses. I think being open source is a great positive for Linux.

Branded USB Sticks said...

Why there are so many haters of Linux. Its very embarrassing for me as a Linux User

Character Education said...

Wow this is really what i was looking for, i am a fan of Ubuntu Linux and this time i was looking for this, thanks for sharing.

Breitling Replica Watches said...

I dont know why people hate linux? i think its a part of internet marketing and we can make it impressive.

Headache cures said...

It's really sad when people can't see the good features provided by linux. I am actually using the distribution Ubuntu, and I must say that it gives me a total freedom to manipulate all the little things over my pc. People should know that linux is the best os ever made. web development said...

I am never use linux so icant comment on this

but thanks for sharing

software for optometrists said...

i heard this but i never use linux so i can't give any comment

Anthem Country Club real estate said...

I can't believe those people. Why would they hate Linux? I think they haven't tried Ubuntu yet. I'm sure their minds will change after they try it. I mean, come on, Linux is a nice OS. And it's free. It cannot be affected by viruses unlike Windows and Mac.

Las Vegas Homes said...

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