How to delete FriendFeed Account

      Friendfeed is a great service recently acquired by faceboook which allows you to update status as well as check out feeds from all other social  feeds like facebook , yelp , amazon , twitter etc .You need to sign up for it by choosing username or just sign in using google account , facebook account or twitter account . Its very easy to delete account if you have signed by choosing username , rest three are very tricky and confusing
 Heres why ...
            During last month I had subscribed to the FriendFeed service using Twitter and was really bugged after seeing non stop tweets in friendfeed feeds , even i cant pause all tweets as i have more followers !
Adding to it more updates like facebook , feeds from other blogs which i couldnt check due to huge feeds from twitter itself , even if i remove twitter account then also i was having trouble as i had signed through twitter account and by default i was subscribed to all people i follow on twitter and if i unsubscribe , i unfollow em, really weird,
Then i decided to delete this account created via signing via twitter and then create another as usual by choosing username

To remove your account and all of the data associated with your feeds, please re-enter your password below. We would also appreciate it if you would leave a short note letting us know why you are deleting your account, though this is entirely optional.

but i wasn't able to delete , because i had signed up via twitter no password was given , that was problem i face and i mailed friendfeed about the problem and i got this reply from Ana .R .Yang

You can delete the account by going to and signing in using the Twitter button you pressed to create the account.
Then, go to settings and add a password. Once you have a password, you can visit to delete your account.
If you want to create an account w/o giving your Twitter or Google credentials, you can do so here:

Then I became aware of the possibility to enjoy friendfeed at last as now even if i have added twitter account , i cant see their flood tweets but i follow all of em :D , one more such site is Likaholix
I suggest you better sign up friendfeed by choosing username and then adding accounts , rather than signing in directly with twitter or google or facebook ,so as to browse many feeds as well as have updates  in all social sites ,Thanks to Ana R. Yang of FriendFeed Inc. for having emailed me in no time

Add this feed to receive more updates
Follow me on twitter and i will follow all of you back !


Business man said...
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Andrews said...

I had exactly same problem asi had signed via twitterbut i didnt email friendfeed , thats a beautiful explanation dude
very glad i got it , now creating another one

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