Best Orkut Extension for Chrome

                   Google had released a chrome browser , chrome OS and now many many extensions which are basically addons just like firefox has . Recently Chrome is expanding its browser share and quickly gaining market , while Orkut which was wildly popular in India has been replaced by new FaceBook trend .Maybe or for enhancing Orkut , theres new Orkut Chrome Extension that allows you to search for friends, directly jump to their profile page, check scrap count ,show options for photos , videos , applications etc and even Log out !

There have been a lot of heated arguments why Orkut is sliding , mainly due to lack of  productive applications , security features etc etc . Recently orkut had under design change in homepage yet its nowhere as compared to where Facebook is though this extension surely rocks and there is no such addon in firefox at-least for orkut !


Liquid Roof said...

Is this add-on is live? I am regular user of orkut. I really need this add-on. Plz tell me how can i install this add-on on my chrome.

qwertyweb said...

Yup , you can download it by going to link and downloading it only through Google chrome browser

Quit Smoking said...

Chrome extensions are really awesome. I am a FaceBook user so I prefer to use FaceBook extension for chrome which works quite similar to orkut extension. You can view the news feeds and wall and also update the status. Its is one of my favorite. chrome extension.

I have really gotten a fan of chrome browser especially after my firefox started consuming lot of memory. I would like to read more on chrome development and extension.

Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings said...

it's really nice extension
now, firefox got strong competition, I can't wait to try this

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