Check whether a blog / site is dofollow or nofollow

                Many sites boast of being do-follow but in fact most of em are no-follow .But this blog is do-follow one ! In this way other hoax no follow blogs seem to get huge traffic by crazy people just to comment thinking its a do follow and they will get strong back-links . Finally , this dont yield anything as google do not consider no-follow links and afterall comments linking to that blog are almost waste !
         So there's a pretty easy solution to easily find out which links are do - follow - The Search Status Addon :
With this addon you can see :
Google PageRank of each page , Alexa rank, Compete ranking and SEOmoz ,  Linkscape as well as   mozRank  in your browser,
along with  keyword density analyser,  keyword/nofollow highlighting,  backward/related links,  Alexa info and more.

         This is one of the best addons i have ever seen and all rounder as there is no need to install again another alexa or compete addons  as this single add-on is worth all of em , and its free and easy to install within few seconds !
It is a cool addon for mozilla firefox
1) Download this plugin for Mozilla Firefox NoDoFollow
2) Install it and restart firefox
3) Now, if you want to check if a blog / website is do-follow or no-follow ,then  just right click on q which can be seen on bottom left part in browser and click on HIGHLIGHT NOFOLLOW LINKS .  All the Do-Follow links remain same in colour while No-Follow turns RED
So if you are hunting for dofollow blogs , always enable this option and have better SEO


Note : This blog is DO-Follow and you can check this with this downloaded addon :)


Jacobyap said...

Hey bro, I just gonna write a list of these plugins. Haha thanks for your recommendation.

greenlants said...

I definitely use the "SEO For Firefox" add-on, I couldn't imagine surfing without it now! :P I see no-follow links everywhere I go, and when I use a computer that doesn't have the add-on it feels weird lol. This saves you a lot of time if your goal is to work on your SEO, kind of pointless posting on blogs that advertise as DO-Follow but aren't.

Jannie Funster said...

I'm a Do-Follow! (I'm pretty sure I am. ) I hope I still am, I put in some code a while back.

And I'm totally book-marking this to search for the RED signal of commenting fame and fortune!! And meet a whole bunch of new BFFs in the process.

Super. Thanks.

Chris said...

I've just started using this add-on. Its brilliant, makes for a much more efficient use of time

Branded USB Sticks said...

I am using this toolbar for last 6 months. This toolbar have solved my problem. Now i can easily understand the status of a site or a blog that whether its a dofollow or nofollow. But there is another tool for mozilla firefox which can give you the status of the site. It convert dofollow links in purple color and nofollow links in red color. So you can also go for this tool. You can install it from here.

Moses said...

This is a great guide. I personally use Seobook for checking no follow and let me say it works very nicely. Good to see that there are other ways of getting info out there.

Fortune Articles said...

Thanks.. Its very useful tool for seo fellows..

Free CNA Classes said...

It is nice topic you shared here because in SEO dofollow is most important and you shared the tips how to check it.

twitter for business said...

I use the Firefox tool that is mentioned above is worth its weight in gold if you are interested in whether a site or blog is dofollow or nofollow I would recommend it as it is so easy to use and save so much time.

DIY PVC Projects said...

Thanks so much for this post, this is exactly what I have been looking for to check do follow links. After installing this I checked some of my article submissions on what were supposed to be "do-follow" sites, but they are highlighted red!

So this means they are actually worthless "no-follow" links right?

Mek said...

thanks for the addon guide. One problem i got is that i can't find the "q" and can't change the color. When I turn on the NoDoFollow, i see blue and pink highlights...

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