How to add sitemap to Google

             The first thing that should be done right after starting blog is to submit its Sitemap to search engines like google , yahoo and bing .Often beginners dont know about adding a sitemap of their blog to Google and inspite of having unique good content still they are unable to get "organic" traffic .
       As Google owns the ( Blogspot ) platform most sites are indexed by Google automatically and by default right after creating free blog , there is option in settings option whether the blog should be or not be indexed by google , but that requires a lot of time for indexing and therefore its far lot better to manually submit sitemap as this process runs smoothly and quickly .
This will result in

  • Better and accurate speedy indexing of your blog
  • All URLs on your site will be indexed More frequent updating of your blog index in response to new posts
  • Finally , conclusion will be increase in site traffic as a result of all your pages being indexed
So here is what you need to do in order to add Blogger (blogspot ) Sitemap to Google :
Follow this step by step walkthrough and get prepared to enjoy the benefits.

Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools

Navigate to the Webmaster Tools Dashboard
Directly below the word "Dashboard" in the top left-hand corner you will see the option to add a site.
Now just enter the full URL of your site / Blog in the box including the prefix http:// and click on the "Add Site" button.
For example to add this site "qwertyweb" you would enter

Navigate to Webmaster Tools Overview
You will  see your site in a list below the "Add Site" box.
Click on it and you will be taken to "Dashboard  >>   Overview." It is easy to check you are in the right place as your site name will be listed in blue below the word "Overview".

Here you will find all minute accurate details like keywords , most popular searches and many others about Google's current indexing of your site only if your site have been already indexed , but that's not possible all of a sudden so you will see the message "No pages from your site are currently included in Google's index" displayed.
Alternatively if Google has already discovered your site then you will get the following message "Googlebot has successfully accessed your home page" and "Pages from your site are included in Google's index."

Select Method of Verifying Your Site
Whether the pages of your site have been indexed or not you will be asked to click on the "Verify Your Site" link in the yellow box.
At this point you will be given two options: one to verify your site
  1. By uploading an HTML file
  2. By inserting a meta tag into the HTML coding on your site. 
But you don't have access to the server on Blogspot hence verification via 1st method is not possible , its possible via using platforms like joomla , wordpress and many other cool blogging platforms .Therefore you will need to choose the second option- meta process. To do this select "add a meta tag" in the menu entitled "Choose Verification Method"
Now you will see some strange lines of text code which you will need to add in your blog to verify your blog !

Go to Blogger Layout Tab in Blogger
Sign in if you are not already signed in. From the Dashboard navigate to the "Layout" menu of your blog by clicking on the Layout tab.Select only the blog which you have to verify and you  have added that url only !

Edit the Template of Your Blog in Blogger
In the Layout menu follow the “Edit HTML” link . Then search for head tag , once found paste the meta code below it and Save the template .

Return to Webmaster Tools
Once you have saved the changes to your template return to Webmaster Tools and you will see  that your site has been verified once you click on your url added there .
Once your site is verified you can now move on to adding your sitemap. To do this navigate to Sitemaps by following the "Sitemaps" link where you will see a box with the URL of your site already added. Next to the box will be a button labelled "Submit Sitemap."
Add these two :
  1. atom.xml?redirect=false
  2. feeds/posts/default
        Google will then display a message indicating that your sitemap submission is pending. It will takefew minutes to few hours your sitemap to be fully updated by Google. Once this is done ,you will be able to see the number of URLs identified by Google . Now that you have your sitemap in place you can look forward to increased traffic as more visitors will now be able to find your site. Check also how to optimize page titles .
This is how the way to add site-maps for authenticating of your Blogger blog at Google Webmaster for better crawling and indexing of your website.


Michelle said...

I think this is a really good tip. I have not been indexed by google and I think that this is the way to go.

Maciej said...

Thank you for this information! Yesterday I read an article about sitemaps which are crucial for successful submiting of your fresh website/blog by Google. Long time ago I created a WP blog at http// and now I have my own sitemap. Thank you!

John said...

Nice tutorial here. Adding your sitemap to Google is something that many budding webmasters could learn how to do which makes this post particularly useful. If you plan on making your website seen by others and get traffic from Google, then you need to take the first step which is letting Google know you exist!

Ed / Ohio Health Quotes said...

Too bad I didn't read this last year. I didn't know how to do it so I hired someone to add these on my three websites.

When you're not tech-smart (like me) tend to pay for a lot of things like this...unfortunately.

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