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            Most of beginners know how to create a blog and write a post and make it running but it may be surely become an occasion in the future if you want to delete a blog in frustration or just for time pass LOL . So read this post in case the day comes and you need to know what you do and how to do !
There may be huge reasons why you could decide to delete your blog :

  • You have set up a test blog and have now finished with it .
  • You may have acquired a new blog url and want to move with it by dumping this .
  • You might be having plenty of posts ( boring ) and want to start a fresh one !
  • You may have hacked your friend;s blogger google account and want to have fun .
  • You might have hacked enemy's account and want to have revenge ;D
There are surely many reasons for this and many blogs are created everyday and similarly deleted too !
Please note that you can change the name of your Blogger subdomain for another subdomain name provided the address is available on Blogger. Or you can change to a custom .com domain name and have Blogger redirect your blog traffic to your new address.

Login to Blogger
From the Dashboard select the blog you wish to delete otherwise you will  delete other one and band your self !
Navigate to Settings then  Basic
If you think you may want to come back to your blog at a later date you can use the export tool to export your blog before you delete it. To export your blog click on Export Blog in the Blog Tools menu. If you aren't interested in exporting a copy of your blog to your home computer skip this step .
Under the first heading Blog Tools click on the Delete Blog link
You will be taken to the Delete Blog screen in Blogger.
A warning message will be displaying .

Deleted blogs can be restored within 90 days before they are removed forever. You can create another blog at this address using the Google Account you're currently logged in with.
Before you delete your blog, do you want to export it?

If you made up your mind and are now in full conscious state mind , then proceed with the deletion and click on the Delete This Blog button
You will now be returned to the Dashboard. Now your blog will no longer displayed in the list of blogs. If you wish to view your deleted blog you can click on the Show All link at the bottom of the Manage Blogs list in the Dashboard
You will now be able to see your deleted blog including details of its deletion date. Follow the link provided to undelete this blog. Blogger allows you 90 days grace.
So in case you regret decision , set up a reminder on your mobile within 89 days !


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