List of all best Storage/Sharing Services

             Storage and sharing are day to day important in office / personal use , Many people send huge attachments via mails , download many movies , songs , games via torrents . However there are fixed number of softwares default , ie preloaded on PC regardless of any software Windows , Linux or Mac you have . There are also number of damn good alternatives that are highly apart from these default ones and better to try out , Maybe once you try out any new alternative , you will migrate then ?
So here are the ultimate list of all Storage / Sharing devices free / premium for web service you should get acquainted with : - Share an unlimited number of files up to 100MB in size, an unlimited number of times. My Number one must try out application . Many crave to get premium accounts but check this trick to enjoy this without paying  . - Second most popular one , Share files up to 500MB in size, unlimited downloads. - Share a file or an entire folder for free, up to 1GB. More space available for annual subscription plans. - Unlimited file storage, inactive files files deleted after 45 days for free members, never for premium members. - Free storage up to 100MB, more space available for a fee. - Free unlimited storage of audio files. - Up to 1GB of storage of files up to 10MB size each, more space for monthly or annual fee. - 10GB of storage of files up to 250MB in size each, 10GB of bandwidth.

DivShare - Upload a file, store it forever, embed it anywhere you want. Premium service allows you to brand your embeds. - Store up to 1GB for free, more available at a fee. - Upload files, make a profile, let friends browse and download your files, access your files from anywhere. - 1GB of storage, files up to 50MB each, hotlinking allowed of all file extensions. - Unlimited storage, you can choose to share your files or keep them private. - Store up to 500MB of files and share them with anyone. - Upload files up to 200MB in size, share them with others. - Unlimited hosting of pictures, audio or movie files, free use for blogs and auctions. - Free hosting of files up to 3MB in size, use anywhere. - Store up to 1.5GB, share files for up to 90 days. - Plans as low as $4.99 for 500MB of storage. - Upload your files, keep them private or opt to make them public so anyone can download them. - Upload without even registering, up to 2GB of space and no time limits if you do register. - Upload up to 10 files of up to 100MB each at a time, unlimited storage, link and share if you like. - Up to 25GB of free storage, 10MB per file, more space and size limits available by subscription. - Up to 50GB of free storage and sharing capabilities for free. - Up to 1GB of sharing storage. - Upload up to 5GB of files for free and share, can integrate with Facebook. - 1GB of media storage you can share and embed. - Free hosting and sharing of up to 10 files of 5MB each. - Up to 500MB per file, deleted after 30 days of inactivity. - Unlimited image hosting for use with sites such as eBay and MySpace. - Store up to 100MB for free, more space available for a fee. - Upload and organize your files, share them with friends. - 20GB of storage with 50GB of bandwidth the first month for free. - Mail files up to 100MB for free, stay online for up to 7 days. More
paid options. - Up to 1GB of storage, share with friends. - Up to 5GB of storage, access from anywhere, share with friends and family.

If i have missed any of em ,or if anyone stops working , kindly let me know and i will maintain this list :D


clickonportal @ Sweet Anime said...

I personally use mediafire. You can download unlimited and you can use hj spilt if it is a really big file.

Hindi Radio said...

wow that is a huge list! thanx a lot for sharing!

UV Coatings said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! keep it up!

reno movers said...

You nailed it with this list. These are easily the best storage services sites.

High Risk lenders said...

Really a nice collection, Thanks for this...

Steve said...

Nice list of sites. I like Rapidshare myself for storing files I need to pass around the web.

Karthikeyan S said...

Nice Share Dude.. I Use Mediafire For Blog Uploads and to Download Movies From Net.. I am Getting Good Speed also Parallel Multiple Download is Supported..

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