Disable Right Click copy on Blogger

                             You must have surely noticed , that some most of the blogs/sites do not allow their visitors to select posts or copy using right mouse click while pointer is on content. Right clicking after selecting pops with many option like copy , paste ,cut etc and  on any browser its very useful tool but some people use this in very bad way and simply copy-paste whole article without changing words or even without giving credits or backlinks to the original author , and if you want to too protect your blog from copycats then , you may surely want to make click right disabled on yourblog  to protect you text, images hotlinking etc .
So , this post explains how to disable right click on blogger (blogspot blog) or any other webpage using a html or javascript code :

          To setup this tool in your blog arrowDownload this notepad file
Sign in to your blogger dashboad > layout > Add a Page element > html/javascript
and simply paste da code and Save

              Its not a fact anymore that , most people visit your site to read information and more than that percentage of people come to your site to steal your work , images ,etc. By using this cool Javascript , it will be very useful for the site and blog owners to minimize the possibilities of the content direct copying to other posts but there are still some ways to beat this hack , which very few people know about it twisted
But still , If you want to protect your images  you can add a Watermark(logo) of your sitename but theres nothing we can do about blog post neutral
Now check your blog after adding and saving Template , you wont be able to select content , just links !
And when you select all with CONTROL + A and then copy and paste , the thing pasted will be just links , archive titles and not full blog posts or images ,
Enjoy biggrin 


Blackout said...

Hi qwertyweb,

How to add recommended reading to blogger? Will be really helpful if you can help


qwertyweb said...

@Blackout , Its related posts coding , you can add code from

Twitter tools said...

I think most of them don't like disabling right click to there blog. Only few of them do this.. what do u think?

Blackout said...

Thanks qwertyweb. I really appreciate it. But unfortunately its not wroking for me.

And the tweetmeme widget that you mentioned in this blog is also not working properly. It only appears on the main page. When I click the posts, the tweetmeme widget doesn't appears. Any idea?

By the way, my blog has two "data:post.body"
Here is my blog.

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qwertyweb said...

Might be because you have different working of template , if you can choose from magazine style ones ,
well i dont really have a lot of knowledge regarding codes , but try by trial and error and dont forget to take a backup of template or if it doesnt succedd , change template
or use twitthis widget instead of tweetmeme

Blackout said...

I gave it a try with default blogger theme and it still didn't work. Actually there are four "data:post.body". I tried all of them. 2 of them didn't have any effect. One is for the main page and one is for the posts. So, I added the code twice and now it appears in the main page as well as in each post.

I just have some questions for you though. Did you add the code more than once? And how many "data:post.body" is available in you template?

Thanks a lot for helping me out.


qwertyweb said...

No i have added code just once as i have only one data:post.body , maybe change your template :)

Philippine Call Center Services said...

I dunno, I personally find not being able to right-click slightly annoying. Especially when there's a link in the post and I want to check it, and I want to make sure it opens in a new tab so I right click the link and click "Open in new tab."

Belajar Blog said...

that's great. it's really helpful for me to keep my content original. you know, some of my own writing has been copy without give the source of the article.

SatichDash said...

I personally find not being able to right-click slightly annoying. Especially when there's a link in the post and I want to check it, and I want to make sure it opens in a new tab so I right click the link and click "Open in new tab."
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Lars Fich said...

Disabling the right click is nor a good job nor can we call it very bad. Its something one can do on his own choice, in my opinion its not good for blogs.

Mujtaba said...

Those who copy paste will copy paste from any blog even you a java script to disable right click, Some copy text by downloading the page or some copy text via source. There's a lot of method to copy but they are all professional.

Anyways this script surely don't allow those newbies who are new to this market :)

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Eugie said...

Thanks for sharing this idea this will make it harder to steal your unique content, but it's still possible.

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