Track location of visitors via Feedjit

                    Feedjit is a service that provides bloggers and webmaster several live traffic feed widgets that boost interactivity among visitors and the website.
         If you would like to know more about the traffic visiting your blog at any instant Feedjit is the best tracking tool that tracks visitors to a blog in real time and identifies from where the visitors are coming , from which country and from which referring sites or search engines and for how long they have visited , number of pages and which browser they are using ! By clicking on the real time link you can actually view the last 50 or so visitors along with the keyword search phrase used to find your site. Feedjit monitors traffic to your site and ranks it based on popularity and relevance against the traffic received by other Feedjit users in your local area.

There is a choice of 4 different widgets :
  • live traffic feed
  • live traffic map
  • live recommended readings
  • live page popularity

Heres how to add a Feedjit widget : 
  • Visit Feedjit
  • Select Live Traffic Feed.
  • Go to Customize It link under Live Traffic Feed. 
  • Use accurate well matched colours according to theme of your blog.
  • To automatically add the widget to Blogger select the Click to Add to Blogger Link and follow the instructions. 
Or if manually , heres how 
  • Navigate to Layout > Page Elements in your blog
  • Select Add a Gadget in the Sidebar and then HTML/Javascript
  • Paste the code by placing the mouse in the box and right clicking and selecting paste
  • Save the widget and then using the drag and drop feature of Blogger move it to your desired location. Note HTML/Javascript widgets are best placed after your ther widgets for faster loading.
  • Save Template
            For bloggers using Typepad and Blogger platform, simply click on the icon to add. For, MySpace, Windows Live Spaces, LiveJournal and Hi5 there are even Non-Javascript Live Traffic Feed widgets supporting further size and color customizations too. Pretty neat tool to show off some statistics.
More widgets: & MySpace Compatible Live Traffic Feed 
Twitter Widget


Paul said...

yes, feedjit is a great tool to track real time traffic. I use it for most of my blogs and can only recommend it. It's easy to cistomize and implement.

Handle Money said...

yes, I also using the service of feedjit. It's very useful webtool. And I really thanks for their service. I can track my visitors comes from.

Mike Cykler said...

This is really great to have the location of the visitor it will help you a lot in measurig the location of the target audience. thanks for sharing it.

Traduceri said...

t is an OK idea, Feedjit only has to do one thing to make it a great idea, allow people to OPT OUT of all of it instead of making us opt out on EACH separate site that uses the widget AFTER THE FACT that our location has already been plastered for all to see until it rolls off the widget. I have contacted Feedjit about this and to date I have not received a response. The problem is I live in a very small community, I work very hard to keep my location private unless I want to give it out. I do not like seeing my location plastered on a website's front page the very first time I visit, yes, there is a way to make it not show up later on that specific site, but if I delete my cookies or visit another site that uses Feedjit, I have to go though the same thing all over again. I have nothing against trackers, I use them, but at least on the one I use, you have to click on something before it shows you any information about my visitors, it's not right there on the front page where everyone can see it. That feels like a violation of privacy. FYI, there is a way to "change your location", I went to Google and looked up "odd town names" and picked out one that would let Feedjit and others know how I feel about broadcasting my location on a blog. I just wished I could have picked out an even better one, but I'm happy with the one I chose. :) I will be more than willing to change my review IF and WHEN Feedjit adds a way to opt out completely, I'm waiting Feedjit. Want to read more about this? Do a Google search for "privacy Feedjit"

Dot Net Development said...

yes, feedjit is a great tool to track real time traffic. thanks for sharing such a nice tips so keep sharing

Gadgets said...

I think this is really a great webtool. Helps you have an idea where the traffic is coming from. Very nice gadgets

Lars Fich said...

This application is good however to have a general idea of the locaton of the visitors this will somehow help in locating the taget audoence of your site.

qwerty said...

So how do you 'turn off' your own visits to your site.

If one has a low-traffice blog, as I do ...which is fine, it would be nice to now have my own initial visits counted as visits.

Yes, I know about the 'ignore my browser' but you have already been counted by then.



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