List of Top tools to Check if Your Blog is Down

                 For Free platforms Blogspot and Wordpress etc  or VPN users its not a problem as those servers hosting their sites are 99% up time and its very very rarely seen in few unusual consequences that  “website / blog is down” . But for people beginners who opt for cheap servers , they are wildly many -a-times greeted with many yucky ads and with message " Server Down" .
How do you monitor your websites and track whether they are up or down?
To combat and check when does you site seem to get lost in loading , here are the list of all tools to see if your website is Down or Up !

            There have been many situations where many famous blogs have been down which may sometimes seriously hamper revenue along with valuable readers. These are not the ways to overcome this problem but you can be notified quickly and its better you come to know about this first if is down.These cool website monitoring web app rocks and works with awesome features and functions like you can get email or sms  [valid in select countries ] instantly as soon as your website is down so that you can get to know about your host problem and nature .
All of them are free to register and  and you get specific number of notifications with free trial account but there are more new premium features if you become premium member .Better to sign up only one of these otherwise you may expect many emails at once and get inbox messed up . Must for new business start-ups !

Suggest new such kinda tools and we will add it up :D


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