Review : Picnik Photo Editing Site

                       This is another Photo related Multimedia application brought by google after Picasa  and Google is continuing to make awesome acquisitions. Picnik - one of the first application to bring photo editing to the cloud .You simply go to the Picnik website and upload and edit your photos online from there. You don't even need to register to use this cool tool which may cost bucks if you buy this from another company having same or rather similar characteristics like this one .With Picnik you can edit photos, crop photos, add text to photos, and more.

        To use Picnik, all you need is an internet connection , the site is very flashy and you need to wait a lil bit more provided you have almost 2 mbps site , cos once the site is fully loaded , the editing and all that customization stuff is rather smooth !
Although it isn’t necessary to register with Picnik,  you can still see the option and i suggest you to Registe as it will allow storage of photos . You can upload photos from your computer or from social networking sites, such as Flickr, Facebook or Photobucket. Clicking on a website's icon will automatically connect your Picnik account with the selected website. The edit section allows you to adjust the color of the photo, resize the photo, rotate the photo, crop the photo, and remove red eye. All these most of the options were already on Picasa , which you need to install on your hard drive , but you could not edit it online , maybe that's the reason google wanted it !
"We're not announcing any significant changes to Picnik today, though we'll be working hard on integration and new features," Brian Axe, product management director at Google, wrote in a blog post.

Its a boon for the those people who are or wanna be Pro in Photography as it will add the killer edge for the a perfect Snapshot !

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blinkky said...

I've tried that before. Very useful =)

Michelle | Large Format Posters said...

Cool, I always wanted an easy way to edit photos. This sounds like just the program.

Email newsletter software said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! keep it up!

fio @ handle money said...

this is great...
now people have so much choice
I hope this one offer something different from the others

Liberator Wedge said...

Very well written write-up. I literally enjoyed the concept described in the post. Once again nice work indeed.

Hindi Radio said...

Google always takes away competition thats why it has bought picnik. strange it has not extended the Picasa and bought this site!

Home Loans said...

Since the basic purpose of internet is to share the knowledge and to communicate with each other, I can say that blogs are playing one of the vital role in sharing the knowledge and to communicate with each other.

Ed / Ohio Health Quotes said...

I will definitely look at that tonight. We have Picasa and it's great at storing photos. But we don't use it for much more than that.

And of course, the pictures take up a ton of space on our hard drive.

New York City Photography said...

These online editors don’t have the fancy stuff like Photoshop have....but I have just started using Picnik and have found it to be very useful indeed.

trophy melbourne said...

ok I have visited is really wondering you will never get bored and find something new .

soegemaskine optimering said...

It so much choice depends on the unique special applications.I hope this one offer something different from the others

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