Aardvark - Fresh social networking site for asking and answering questions

               Its a regular routine to hear new fresh cool acquisitions of internet giant Google and recently Aardvark is latest one to be a part of Google services . Aardvark has been recently listed in Google Labs and anyone can sign up freely . Formerly Vark , is now Aardvark - a social networking site for asking and answering questions easily and super-fast , much better than Yahoo Question and Answers and Mahalo Answers , and to me it looks to be like much clever job to bring a fresh approach to Google Question and Answers which is now retired .

         Its pretty simple as when a user asks a question, the site directs the question to someone who is professional in that topic as you can choose you are Guru or rather interested in which subject. All communications are handled via instant messaging and/or email. Users have a profile and can will import the contacts from  Facebook,  Gmail,  Yahoo Mail,  MSN/Live Mail or AOL contacts as Friends. as well as invite friends.
You can answer questions on specific questions and you can see the questions by selecting what your expertise might be. Once you have submitted a questions some will usually answer it and chances are more than 100% as i got 6 answers within 10 minutes after asking questoin the time i signed up . Very clean , smooth site which even allows you to flag inappropriate answers widely controling spamming . If you gave your IM , you can ask question or reply to that user via your instant messenger without letting your email id getting out of the pond and you too cannot see their's  !
Its almost like sharing knowledge and chatting with like minded people with concept of question and answers brought up with help of social networking !
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Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings said...

this is people can have so much choice where they can apply a question
but I hope Aardvark could compete with yahoo which also popular among the netters

Gangster City Secrets said...

Thank you for posting about Aardvark. I have never heard of it, but will check it out. I like Yahoo Answers, but the answers are not always well thought out. It will be great to ask questions and get answers from a professional in the field.

First Class Mlm Tools said...

Magnificent post! I do have the same opinion. Social media can be a jam-packed job, if we are not careful.

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