Powerful scripts for google buzz

            Most of you may be using Google Buzz in college , offices where facebook is blocked . For those who still are illiterate about Buzz , get to know it better as social networking , messaging tool from Google, designed to integrate into the company's web-based email program .
         There are right now no extensions or any addons provided or supported by Buzz as it is still under developing and not fully developed like Wave or chrome .
But there are some Power Scripts available for Firefox users providing more cool and fun experience of Buzz . Powerscripts are scripts that have coding done so as to ensure sleek look and can provide more features of that particular service for which a script is made available unofficially !
Check em out:
1 Google Buzz
Show new post/comment by Growl

2 Google Buzz Count Hide
Hide the Google Buzz count in Gmail

3 Buzz Search Results on Google
Shows results from Buzz on Google search pages

4 Buzz Comments Hider
Hides Comments in Google Buzz.

5 Gmail Facebook integration
Integrate facebook directly into Gmail in a buzz-like style.

6 Google Buzz Comment Emoticons
Give your Google Buzz comments some 3-D yellow emoticon love!

Which of them do you like the most ?