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            If you have a niche blog focussing on a topic like blogging and internet , then SEO and Reviews are the main areas in where you need to emphasize and workout with your blog to enhance readers and search engine visitors so that they turn to loyal visitors and even top commentators  . The chances are quite large that most of the people or rather advertisers will contact you to get their products reviewed on your blog. either from your own blog's  " Get Reviewed Here" link or forum where you had advertised about your blog and the most happening Platform SocialSpark

Considering plus points of Joining Social Spark :

         Social Spark is a rage among professional and top quality bloggers and advertisers and have become one of the most famous “Paid to Post” or “Sponsored Post” sites on Blogosphere . Bloggers can easily set their  price for reviews, and can accordingly earn substantial Revenue (particularly if they post top quality articles and have a high of traffic). In this easily way to find advertisers and connect like minded publishers , i think this is the best platform where easily more than two way communication is performed and works zip zap . Both of them have a huge potential to build their own brand in the process by making each other aware of their site.
             In addition, SocialSpark is a part of izea which is a top social media marketing network already with popular and rocking SponsoredTweets and sponzai platforms stands out among paid to blog companies and i have myself personally seen many reviews of SocialSpark and many publishers referring to this cool worth monetizing network and finally i have signed up !

Cool Features worth Noticing :
1> They use a “no-follow” tag on all outgoing links and thats what makes this network special as Google may and many times have penalized many famous blogs that posts paid links with do-follow tag. In simnple words ,  if you manually review sites or sign up for other other “paid to post” sites for writing posts with do-follow links, you can lose your PageRank .
2>Trustworthy Reviews are best to read in blogs offering sponsored posts on behalf of SocialSpark . You can include an honest review of products whether you like it or you found something missing or have an issue  as this will surely lead to improvement of that sponsored product . Very true that no post should be 100% positive, and no post should be 100% negative as this will surely create misunderstanding .  I will accept a paid opportunity only if i feel that i can give justice to it by writing straightforward and balanced review about it . Every site should have a Code of Ethics like Social Spark.

Conclusion :
                 If adsense and its alternatives are not working or if you need to add more heat to your online income then , SocialSpark is here only for you . Just by writing honest review you can make advertiser happy as well as people to get to know features of product advertised .Also this is the best advertising platform , where readers get to know reviews of your product by reading full information in terms of short and sweet summary  instead of just going for pay per click ads , i would suggest going for pay per post . Even if i would want to endorse my product pay per post would be the way !
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