QwertyWEB gets Page Rank 4

                             Yesterday , ie on 3rd April there was buzz in twitter , forums , facebook groups and instant messengers whether Google have updated page rank . Many webmasters still didn't believe as some of em were still in trauma of April Fool !
                   Unexpectedly that’s what happened this time. Just two days later the page ranks are updated all the blogs and websites can now see the changes in their page rank.
It’s immense pleasure to let you know that QwertyWEB now has page rank 4 now from earlier page rank 3.
I was surely expecting update at this time because google updates pagerank after fixed duration and this time , it has taken a lot of time ! If still there is confusion about what exactly it is and how it helps , here is the recommended reading . Page rank still do cares a lot and some blogges who still fail to get descent page rank according to their age of blog hates it LOL
             For any blog post common between and good page rank source compared to less than descent page rank , search engines always give preference to Page rank . Neither alexa or quantcast stats are considered , nor the domain , whether it be a top level domain (tld) like .com , .org , .net or be subdomain like .blogspot,com etc . Still page rank is not the main factor for improving search engine optimization still age of domain , number of pages indexed etc are still main points to study to be pro in blogging .
      It was hardly 2 months before in new year 2010 , when previous page rank was upgraded to page rank 4 and 4 months before , when page rank was suddenly changed from 0 to 2 ! If it’s not a Pagerank 4 or higher, it’s worthless ;D (kidding) . Its all google's game , bloggers selling text links are punished and so are the page ranks even going to pr 0 from high pr 4 blogs . Still there are many strange updates,in some cases page ranks increasing from 0 to 3 while some blogs still have the same rank , while some blogs surprisingly posses different page ranks inclusive of www and devoid of www making need to improve SEO study .
            Whats from your side ? blog / twitter Page rank ranking ? do you expect this ?
One more happy news for me is that my twitter profile has too ranked pr5 updated from pr4 since last update ! Follow me , i will follow you back