Easily Sync iPhone Bookmarks

               Apple's  iPhone could only integrate and sync with safari and didn't  have the feature to integrate Bookmark sync with popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome  [ They Forgot or deliberately didn't provide ] . It was getting pretty hard for iPhone users to share favorite links and now its very easily possible !
For IE and Safari :

All you get is the Sync option for Safari/Internet Explorer.

Firefox :
Download and install Xmarks Ad-don from here .
Configure the plugin by signing-up for an account (if you are new to xmarks)
Login with your existing account.
Fill in the required fields and wizard will guide you through it.
Sync will execute and backup of all your contacts will be placed on Xmark’s server.
If you are an existing user, Better merge bookmarks than overwriting them as this will save time and overcome confusion .
Now install the Xmark in IE from here or Safari from here. Follow the same procedure  to sync your account. After a successful sync, all your browsers have the same Bookmarks, synced on every change or periodically.
Sync your iPhone using iTunes while selecting the browser you chose in , under the “info” iPhone tab.

Chrome :
Download and install Xmarks Extension from here  .
Procedure similar to firefox .