Upload files to all hosting sites at once

               Storage and sharing are day to day important in office / personal use resulting into cloud computing as latest web 2.0 feature . Many people send huge attachments via mails , download many movies , songs , games via torrents and when you are going to share any file on the internet, through a free file hosting site, its better to upload to a few sites rather than one, as most of the file upload services don’t allow unlimited downloads and the person trying to download can face problems during download .
InterUpload is one of a site that lets you upload and host file to most of the famous free file sharing and hosting networks .
               If you try to upload any file to multiple file hosting networks,  your bandwidth will be on fire and thats why interupload comes to play ! InterUpload is a cool site where you can select multiple hosts to upload the file to, at a single go. After the upload is done, you will be directed to a page where you get the download links for all the hosting sites which you selected.
Thus this also help your friends to avoid being forced to buy premium accounts to download files from the hosting sites and thus share any file , music file or any movie .
Listed below are all file uploading and hosting networks where you can selectively upload the file to share -

  1. RapidShare – Max. 200 MB
  2. MegaUpload – Max. 300 MB
  3. DepositFiles – Max. 300 MB
  4. HotFile – Max. 300 MB
  5. EasyShare – Max. 200 MB
  6. TwoShared – Max. 100 MB
  7. Ziddu – Max. 200 MB
  8. MediaFire – Max. 200 MB
  9. ZShare – Max. 300 MB 
  10. iFileIt – Max. 300 MB
  11. SendSpace – Max. 300 MB
  12. FileFactory – Max. 300 MB
  13. MegaShare – Max. 150 MB
  14. Badongo – Max. 100 MB 
  15. NetLoad – Max. 300 MB
  16. ZippyShare – Max. 100 MB 
  17. FreakShare – Max. 300 MB
  18. SharebaseTo – Max. 200 MB
  19. UploadedTo – Max. 250 MB
  20. StorageTo – Max. 300 MB
  21. Uploading – Max. 300 MB
  22. FileFront – Max. 300 MB
  23. UploadBox – Max. 200 MB
Thats huge 23 hosts !
The only thing you need to do is to share the interupload download links rather than download links, though that’s not a compulsion. When uploading larger files, you will be notified through email when the file upload is complete.
Check the multiple file upload service at