7 sites that are best Google Wave Alternatives

                   Online collaboration is the new web 2.0 as it offers limitless possibilities for today’s net addicted web surfer . Now cloud computing , Synchronization , file sharing, collaborative editing, and discussion boards are more cool features in which anyone can get more information within easily and that too fast - one of the application being Google Wave which has merged email, wikis, IM, and social networking together !
However many people who have tried wave and want to try something new , we bring a big kick-ass list of cool google wave alternatives :
1 Shareflow

  • This is one of the most favourite tool used right after google wave .
  • A collaboration tool [ more famous before google wave was born ] that gives you more organizational control over the content . 
  • Easily collaborate with others in “flows” (threads) where you can post images, links and events; or add videos, maps and web clips directly from your email.

2 Slatebox
  • Real-Time Diagrams For Your Team . 
  • The no-hassle brainstorming and online mind mapping solution for your school or business. Instantly create, share, collaborate — all in real-time, all real simple. 
  • It works based on the idea of creating diagrams, ideas and charts, etc. using “slates”, can also act as a mind mapping tool as well ! Still in Beta
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3 Lotus Connections
  • Another social computing software for business that empowers you to be more innovative.
    Additional tools like community activities, blogs, files, and wikis. 
  • Community owners can customize the look of their community and move widgets around on the community's home page. 
  • Wikis let you create sites to collaboratively author and share documents. 
  • Built-in revision history makes it a snap to roll back to previous versions.
  • Support for mobile browser .

4 Dabbleboard
  • Useful for anyone that uses a real whiteboard, in business and education. Innovative interface lets you draw almost as naturally as you would on a real whiteboard, enabling you to quickly and spontaneously share your ideas. Can conduct presentations, chat . 
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, and a whiteboard lets you draw pictures quickly. Specializes in collaboration around the whiteboard where anyone conduct presentations, and discuss ideas in real time. 
  • Features include unlimited undo and redo, drag and drop functionality, and shape recognition so that your freehand drawing is as clean as possible.
  • Includes FREE/paid plans 
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5 Redmark
  • Designed especially for graphic design collaboration . 
  • Redmark helps connect graphic designers and clients by enabling them to upload or comment on portfolio and sample designs, right in the Interface. 
  • Send & review your proofs free of charge! A small fee will only be charged for a future service that will help you acquire new clients.
  • Store your files securely in a password-protected account. Designate people who can access your work on a per-design basis.
  • Redmark sends e-mails to your clients with all they need to know to provide feedback.
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6 Collabedit 
It is an online collaborative text editor
Can let several people work on the same document, at the same time. All changes are instantly applied to everyone's screen.
More productive way to take collaborative notes, observe coding sessions, get help drafting emails and more.
Works on any browser
No sign up required !
Features :
  • document history
  • chat
  • changes apear in real-time
  • syntax highlighting for programming languages
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7 Threadbox
  • Threadbox is a simple and pragmatic collaboration platform that helps workgroups effortlessly increase productivity by harnessing the groups conversations, files, tasks, dates, and opinions.
  • Real time discussion tracking, file sharing, schedule coordinating .
  • Project managing, decision making tool that works right alongside email  in Beta .
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Actually there were more such applications , but most of them are now at sedo marking or domain is expired :P . Feel free to share this list and suggest more such alternatives !