Easily embed tweets on a webpage

                 It was practically impossible to show tweets on any webpage . You could only show last 5 tweets or any some particular last tweets or take a screen-shot and upload too to any blog / webpage . Twitter had rolled out a new tool that can easily let you embed a tweet on a webpage called the - “Blackbird pie"
Here's small easy tutorial to Easily embed tweets on a webpage:
  • Fist you need to enter the URL for the chosen tweet in the form that Twitter creates (that URL can be found using the time-stamp on a tweet  , just lil below your tweet that says  “1  minute ago” ) .
  • Then click on “Bake It” and Blackbird will generate the code needed to embed the tweet on your website. 
A ridiculous frustrating huuuuuuuuuuge big janky script to generate static HTML tweets for posts.
Then just paste on your web-page and that's it :)
You cannot control the font and styling on your p tags and that quite strange but i m sure twitter will improve that feature !

Here is the demo of it :

Heaven for downloading all kinds of #blackberry games than a minute ago via XMPP Gateway

And you can embed tweets of anyone ! you , or celebrities or just anyone exception of those who have set their mode private
Unfortunately, as stated by many disappointed bloggers ,the tool still seems to be having many stability issues and this doesnt look good to see embedded tweets . Better to lookout for its update :D