Browser Safari Updated : First Look

                   Steve Jobs surprised everyone at WWDC 2010 with all features of iPhone , Safari , iPAD and all its Apple products . However safari was the one where many netizens were surprised and this is due to the new features Apple introduced .
The newly updated Safari 5 browser mostly howls about HTML5 after dumping Adobe Flash which isn't quite an achievement but speed is one natural easily observable factor . 

Here are updated key factors worth noticing in Safari 5:
Safari Reader
Safari ReaderRead online articles in a continuous, clutter-free view.
            This is not a google reader alternative but still this newbie app looks smart and you can  browse web pages like blog posts that are common like firefox feed readers addons . Still Google Reader rocks !

Search within the Address Field
Safari was previously very frustrating as it did not had search-ability of directly searching web via keywords entered in address field as firefox naturally posses ! And this is going to be very good .

New Tabs by Default
Apple finally gives into its users' demands and offers a setting, inside the "Tabs" section of Preferences, to make all new windows open up inside tabs, regardless of sizing or layout. With "Open in New Tab" set as your default, Command-clicking will open a tab in the background with or without focus, depending on another setting on the page, and Command+Shift-clicking opens windows in new windows.

HTML5 Support and Java support Engines

HTML5 functions are supported in Safari 5 - if you are developer than you can check them out at Apple's HTML5 section. Similarly Apple claims that the JavaScript engine that it claims now surpasses Chrome .

Opening Door to Extensions 
Safari Developer ProgramCustomize Safari with extensions you create using web standards.
             No ! Still no addons or extensions yet  but Apple wrote in their site about extensions which are probably on their way and you can work on it right now and develop extensions . Check out developers section .

Bing touted as search option
Bing SearchSafari gives you another search option with built-in Bing search.
Now even more search options with built-in Bing search, in addition to Google and Yahoo!
Download latest version available for both Windows and Mac users