Get free email id ending with

                  You must be knowing and i presume having multiple email addresses like gmail , googlemail from google Similarly Ymail , yahoo and rocketmail from yahoo . Also live and hotmail from Microsoft but have you heard ending with ?
You can now also create email address like !
The default windows live sign up page allows everyone to create free email addresses ending with either or .
Live was once a search engine which is now redirected to Bing !
Hotmail is an email service provider acquired by Microsoft long back ago .
MSN stand for Micro Soft network and so you can now create your own email id for free using this trick !
     However for this you cant go to default homepage of hotmail as addresses cannot be used to sign up directly .
To get your email address go to this link and sign up .
However once you create tour email id , you can still use the default homepage for Hotmail to sign in to your account.
I recently created my email id and i certainly hope this trick [ got from a forum ] will work for you .