Download iOS for Apple devices free

                                       Recently in the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2010, held in San Francisco, United States, Apple introduced new operating system by name IOS. This new OS offers about 100 feature updates of previous operating systems and with more multitasking features. This OS can be downloaded free of charge for the devices iPad, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and the iPod touch second and third generation 32GB and 64 GB version.

Also called as Apple iOS 4 already making the internet on fire with its launch ,  here are some of the hot new features of the iOS 4 :

The multitasking feature.  
Steve Jobs demonstrated the multitasking feature by displaying services such as Pandora and navigation running in the background while other apps were also running in the foreground.

iAd feature
This now solves the problem by getting the interactive adds delivered to their iPhone rather than navigating to their webpage to see the add therefore the user at no point leaves the app and hence gets to see only the app that he wished and not the ads present in it.

Stacking up of Apps
This is another cool advanced function coming with the iOS 4.0 with the ability to organize apps. You can now stack up apps relating to same features together and try out different apps whenever you need to access them. Also are other features like mail-integration by which one can view all the mails in all the accounts at one place and then there is the support for Bluetooth keyboard with the phone.

MORE customizations :
For checking mails on iPhone , users just need one integrated inboxand can easily open an email attachment using third-party applications. IOS platform will also support customizations making iTunes playlists, tap-to-focus video, the camera’s zoom function of up to five times, and features photo named ‘Faces and Places’.

                        These killer features would surely envy Android and Windows as most of the ideas are somewhat inspired from them . Better you download this OS for more features and security updates .
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