Easily change Google Background image

                                     If you are not observant then take a look again at your homepage [ obviously Google ] and notice the bottom left link in blue color written as Change background image . Thus you can now give the bing look to google with cool background search feature [ the only feature bing is used ] .
Its now high time for you to change the Google background image !
First of all click on  “Change Background Image
Now check available option to select a background image:

  1. From my computer – Images from your computer
  2. My Picasa Web Photos – The pictures in your Picasa account
  3. Public Gallery – These funky Images are definitely copyright free
  4. Editor’s Picks – From the Google editors selection [ so that , you will get daily cool wallpapers ditto to bing ]

Hers are some of the colorful Google homepages :
[Click to enlarge ]

              Thus , now you can get your very own customized background image for the Google homepage and manage to ditch bing . And a better colorful way for googling the web !