Download Bing themes for windows 7

              Recently Microsoft's search engine Bing has just turned one. However it has still succeeded lil bit in eating Google's search engine share and many people loved and praised Microsoft for its brilliant product . Even i use this bing when i am bored because bing has beautiful wallpapers to watch out for that gets updated every day .And that is why the reason i love bing for !
For its wallpapers ! however i dont search anything on it ;P . Many of loyal google addicted netizens completely shifted to bing !

Still google is right now the giant in this whole buzz . Many of the people still don't know after google that bing and yahoo search exists yet its now possible to search three engines at once ! However there was not much buzz in blogosphere for celebrating birthday of BING as i expected but still the celebration was success as Yusuf Mehdi, senior vice president, Online Audience Business Group, said,
“It’s been a whirlwind 12 months, with the team shipping tons of new cool features aimed at making it easy and fast to make key decisions and just get stuff done. We wanted to take a short break to say thanks”.

Thus for this awesome celebration , as a bonus or coincident Microsoft released the third Bing theme pack featuring some of the best wallpapers used by Bing as a cool special treat to Windows 7 users .
“Our latest Bing’s Best Windows 7 theme pack gives you even more great Bing homepage images for your desktop. Bing’s Best 3 lets you gaze at a dying star, soar over an underwater sinkhole, and get up close and personal with an adorable baby sea turtle. There are 19 wallpapers in all”, said Stephanie Horstmanshof, Bing Managing Editor.
      You can download Bing’s Best 3 Windows 7 theme as well as loads of other beautiful themes too like 
Akrapovic , NASA Hidden Universe , Surreal Territory , Avatar , Bing's Best, Blue Water , Cats Anytime , Cats Everywhere , Happiness Factory  ,Dogs in Summer , Dogs in Winter , Ducati ,  Dusk and Dawn , Ferrari , Flowers and Foliage , Gears of War  , Infiniti , Lugares Coloridos , Refresh , Everything , Porsche , Samsung , Winter Sports , Shamrocks, Summit on the Summit , Twinkle Wish , Valentine , Year of the Tiger , Zune Characters , Zune Elements , Zune Zodiac and many other themes .
                I personally feel that even Microsoft should have provided themes for XP users as XP is till used by majority of people more than those windows 7 users using Microsoft's OS ! This is not fair even though micosoft discontinued XP's support and updates , some goodies should be still provided and that's very crude of them !

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