How to change Gmail email id [ Hack ]

                    I can still remember many people googling for " How to change email id in Gmail ? " . Even i googled many times and finally i have found a solution to it !
It is very easy and this hack will certainly help you :

The answer is both Yes and No !

First of all , reason for answer No :

It is not possible to change your username in gmail. The username is chosen at the time the account is created and is the permanent identifier of the account . But if you need to use a different username, it is possible. You simply need to create a new account and move your content over from the old account. For that :
Create a new account
Sign in to new account you just created and Hit the Settings link and then Accounts and Import tab.
You need to use POP3 entry. Enter the following configuration:
Username: Your old gmail email address
Password: Password for your old gmail account
POP server:
Port: 995
Always use secure connection: check
Label incoming messages: check
This will make sure all of your old mails along with recent ones continue to land upon your new email id .  You can follow the instructions

Remember that if you delete an account, you can never get it back or reuse the address.

Now , the hope for answer Yes :

          If you have email id like tom@gmail and if you want to merge your surname say Clinton ! 
Then tell all your friends to email you @ tom+clinton@gmail but not vice versa !
Similarly you can go on like thus , any name you enter after your existing unchangeable gmail email id your mail will be sent on your inbox !

              And if you have made and want to make name and surname separate then you can go . Mail will appear in your inbox but not like plus sign where you can go ! This wont work in this case and works only for plus symbol !

This is Because Gmail doesn't recognize dots as characters within usernames, adding or removing dots from a Gmail address won't change the actual destination address. Messages sent to and are all delivered to your Inbox, and only yours.

Hope you find it useful !