Search Google and Wikipedia at the same time

                     Google is a search engine which searches all the blogs and websites present all over the internet  . However wikipedia is another search engine which is slightly more accurate then google as it searches only the content which grout of writers submit . Generally search results are more found on Google and less on WIki , however in terms of accuracy and quality wikipedia beats google !
And if you want to search both these engines at a same time then there is a fix -  Googlepedia
Googlepedia is one such tool that can make searching better and accurate as you can get search results from both the sites at once and that too on a single page !
It is not a website but a tool for firefox and extension recently available for google chrome .
Click on image for large screenshot

Features of Googlepedia:
  • Turns internal Wikipedia links into Google search links
  • Uses Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky feature to find relevant articles
  • Links images directly to their full-sized versions
  • Removes Google AdWords [ featured ads ]
  • Can be expanded to take the full width of the page
  • Uses your local language ,Wikipedia based on the Google language
  • Hide button to disable Googlepedia [ In-case you do not need to use right now ]
              This tool is very necessary for those people who constantly search for some popular celebrities or companies , in this way they can come to know the history of those search results via wiki and the latest updtes and discussions via google !
Similarly if you need to check Google , Bing and Yahoo all trio at the same time , check out this link .

1]For firefox        
2]For Chrome