Easily Remove left sidebar in New Google search Design

         As everyone up-till now must have surely noticed fresh bing - yahoo like looks of google , while searching . This design was introduced as the latest google update to search . Now googling is more faster , more easier after redesigned sidebar version after google squeezed all these tools and technologies into a single page. Most of the users have liked this fresh look , however the space for results after googling have now been reduced due to sidebar !
However if you are firefox , Opera , Chrome , or IE user , you can now remove the left sidebar in New Google search Designed version :

For Internet Explorer and opera :

Just need to type in Address bar :

For Chrome :

Install the Hide Google Options extension which gives the option to enable or disable the left sidebar of Google Search.
Otherwise , alternative would be the userscript named as OLD Google which works fine for Firefox and Chrome.

For Firefox:

For majority Firefox users you need to install the Hide Google Options if you do not need the sidebar , you can also toggle enable or disable the Google Search.
Alternative would be this greasemonkey Google Fix Userscript that will greatly help to gid rid of new search box.

These are above options to successfully revert to the old Google interface . No chance for Safari users , as there is no script or addons available ! If invented , we will update on this :P