Top 50 worst products that makes no sense

                     Lots of inventions and discoveries are taking place right from from time to time , in this or that form constantly . Some of them work ,which were supposed to a good shit , while some bright ideas look futuristic and ultimately result in #FAIL . Here , mentioned the best 50 WORST [ recent ] inventions or better to be called products that don't seem to make sense !

  1. Segway
  2. New Coke
  3. Clippy
  4. Agent Orange
  5. CueCat
  6. Subprime Mortgages
  7. Crinoline
  8. Nintendo Virtual Boy
  9. Farmville
  10. Hydrogenated Oils
  11. Honegar
  12. Hydrogen Blimps
  13. Hair in a Can
  14. DDT
  15. Auto-Tune
  16. Red Dye No. 2
  17. Ford Pinto
  18. Parachute Jacket
  19. Betamax
  20. Baby Cage
  21. Tanning Beds
  22. Crocs
  23. Hula Chair
  24. Foursquare
  25. Pop-Up Ads
  26. Phone Fingers
  27. CFCs
  28. Plastic Grocery Bags
  29. Bumpit
  30. Electric Facial Mask
  31. Sony CD Copy Protection
  32. Venetian-Blind Sunglasses
  33. Pet Spa
  34. Pontiac Aztek
  35. Snuggie for Dogs
  36. Mizar Flying Car
  37. Asbestos
  38. Olestra
  39. Comfort Wipe
  40. Fake Ponytail
  41. HeadOn
  42. Pay Toilets
  43. Tamagotchis
  44. Leaded Gasoline
  45. Vibrating Ab Belt
  46. Spam E-mail
  47. Smell-o-Vision
  48. Smile Checks
  49. Microsoft Bob
  50. Vio
       Most of them are internet products while some seriously earth damaging ones which still hurts a lot . Lets take a look at 49th one BOB :  You may be knowing lots of Microsoft products right from windows to internet explorer to smartphone [ Kodu ? ] but BOB [ yes , that is a product name ] ! sounds completely  shitty but still it was designed for Windows 3.1x and Windows 95 and intended to be a user-friendly interface for Microsoft Windows, supplanting the Program Manager.The project was managed by Melinda French, who was Bill Gates' girlfriend . BOB featured "Assistants" that is cartoon characters which can help the user navigate the virtual house or perform tasks in the main interface or within the built-in applications .
            9th and 24th are no less famous as i believe everyone should be using it or at-least have heard the name from some useless lazy friend or form featured tweets or ads . Actually they are applications ! the 9th one Farmville is a useless application which has leAd millions of people hooked up on facebook . Its just a lame game where one grows farms , and other village kinda chores . Not even baby's play , even farmer will hate that virtual gift points ! Some facebook users are even ready to pay dollars to get that crappy points ! and with that billion requests , " Your friend has requested you to play farmville " ! Nice spam on facebook ;D
       Foursquare is too an application which i will review later !  CFCs and Plastic Grocery Bags are a highlight that everyone must know which is greatly killing environment and main reason for global warming . Other products are a great joke right after reading their names , consider pet spa , hair in a can , Venetian-Blind Sunglasses Hope that makes you LOL !
Other ones are too boring to learn about them but you could spend your lazy time and tell us whether they are even worth knowing ;P

Source :This list is actually from TIME magazine in no definite order