Tweet like a PRO from Tweetdeck

              There are almost thousands of twitter softwares that promise this feature and that special feature which are not free , not even demo ! Straight you can get them at 50 to 150 $ , usually you might have seen from links that you link when some one mentions you and many other tweeples in a tweet or from spam-my direct messages in twitter .

But are they worth buying ? Tweetdeck recently released update with loads of enhancements and features packed into the latest version of Tweetdeck which you can use it like a PRO and ditch those low selling commercial twitter products !
         Tweetdeck recently topped the charts as the most popular and most used twitter app and constitutes the largest share of tweeps using this app right after normal web version of twitter . It is perfect twitter desktop client worth trying and now with variety of useful and unbelievable features . The most killer feature is the scheduled tweets which was one of the many useful feature that everyone dreamed of ! Only Hootsuite was the app that had this advantage over Tweetdeck and now scores equal :) 
Now Tweetdeck also includes API updates allowing you to choose custom URL shorteners, enhanced filters for columns and they have added Google Buzz and Foursquare [damn ] integration and the ability to upload video and many many bug fixes. I have downloaded it in my XP as well as on my latest 10.04 ubuntu and it runs smooth fast due to presence of adobe AIR .
Here are some of the hot features :
  • Update Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and now Google Buzz and Foursquare  New
  • Increased Twitter API rate
  • Retweet Twitter style - or your style
  • Check-in to Foursquare direct from the client  New
  • See what's hot with local trends and Twitscoop
  • Scheduling feature to check-in or send a tweet in the future  New
  • Add, create and manage Twitter Lists
  • Global Filter to remove unnecessary tweets [spam ] by account, service or #hashtag New
  • Add networks that use a compatible Twitter API, like WordPress and Tumblr  
  • Share and view photos with support for Flickr, Twitgoo and mobypicture

How to schedule updates ?
You need to click on “Schedule this Update” on a tiny clock, you are then shown a calendar when you click on a date, and you need to just type manually in format YYYY/MM/DD so that you can schedule tweets .

      Again you can add many accounts right from twitter , facebook , google buzz ,linked in go to "Add Columns” and “Core” options that allows you to habdpick your column may be it of recent friends , direct messages , mentions , lists and many more ..
Tweetdeck search is also improved and its now for Mac , Windows , Linux , ipad , as well as iPhone ! Even though its still in beta , i think this is the best twitter client for better tweeting and managing multiple twitter accounts like a PRO and i would highly recommend it !

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