Yahoo to shutdown MyBlogLog

                 This is a shocking news to me but i was prepared for it regarding death of MyblogLog and maybe many of you too will be strangled after hearing Yahoo will be killing Mybloglog in January .

Its just like almost casual and nothing too much extraordinary considering you dont use this free service just like Yahoo 360, Geocities , Briefcase , SpotM and so on which are no more . However, Yahoo has its own strategy but there is no official announcement yet.
The time 2006 when MyBlogLog was arguably one of the hottest social networking tool online certainly . Bloggers everywhere had installed mybloglog widget and tracks of most popular link just like blogcatalog .
If Mybloglog is closed down , still Blogcatalog is there which has same functions and features but not better than Yahoo MyBlogLog .
ReadWriteWeb reported from “sources close to the project” that Yahoo will shut down MyBloglog next month.
MyBlogLog doesn’t hold the blogging community’s attention today the way it did a few years ago, but if the report is true, it will disappoint many who continue to use the service.
Yahoo bought MyBloglog in early 2007 and expanded with many new improvements like basic analytics data just like google analytics but not better than google .
One of the best feature  was that MyBlogLog let users add information from their social streams like facebook , yelp , blogger ,myspace , twitter and many many more .
In their post, ReadWriteWeb talks to MyBlogLog co-founder Eric Marcoullier, who offered this perspective on what happened after the Yahoo acquisition:

    “So much of your company’s long term sucess when it’s acquired is based on the amount of executive juice it has. The only way it survives and flourishes is if you have an executive champion who promotes it internally. Shortly after we were acquired we were transfered away from our champion and under someone who didn’t feel the same way about MyBlogLog. In those circumstances, things simply slow down.”

Then immediately this was posted in Yahoo! Developer Network Blog

Yesterday, rumors surfaced around Yahoo!’s imminent shutdown of its MyBlogLog service. Frankly, it’s no secret within Yahoo! that we’re actively discussing the future of MyBlogLog. However, it’s also true that we have not made any final decisions at this point. Is a shutdown on the table? Sure, that’s an option. But there are other options as well. We know this creates some uncertainty for current MyBlogLog users. While we aren't quite ready to share more details, we promise to keep you posted.

Yahoo had acquired many other networks and similarly killed many of em !
Though i surely hope Yahoo messenger will never die with its many applications and plugins like pingbox which even gtalk doesn't have , also the infamous Yahoo 360  similarly Yahoo meme which ultimately created a hell lot of buzz with nice method of " By invitations only " which never proved a twitter killer .
What do you think about this? Where would you go?
Lets hope Yahoo ! this time don't succeed :D


MMA Pound For Pound said...

Is that true? too bad to hear mybloglog will shut down, first Yahoo 360, geocities, then now mybloglog... If yahoo messenger shut down too, well it will be a big lost, another company must acquired that

Ching Ya said...

It was a shocking news, really. I never expected to see MyBlogLog to go down this soon. I admit I haven't been login into MyBlogLog for quite awhile but certainly I see some successful cases for those who are still using it. The widget is equally impressive as well. Let's hope for the best for Yahoo, maybe a change of mind somehow? We'll see.

Social/Blogging Tracker

psychic reading said...

really??? I can't believe it.. mmm... we have to wait for news... mm... tod bad!

Network Solutions Coupons said...

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Neo said...

Shutting of these services will be a big loss to the online world.I wish if Yahoo can contiue them.


qwertyweb said...

HeHe , there has been no buzz as i expected , many people have already switched from MyBlogLog to technorati , maybe it can be available for paid account under different name just as from yahoo geocities to webhosting ;)

Sire said...

I'm not too surprised. I removed the widget ages ago and stopped logging in for quite some time. I still have the widget on some of my other blogs but only because I haven't gotten to taking it down yet.

flyingcows said...

There are too much competition today, i think yahoo is doing the right thing. No point develope something that grabs no attention, people nowadays are very unloyal... if you know what i mean... :)

Ryan @ CrunchPlay said...

I am pretty surprised that they are closing MBL. There still seem to be some active communities going within the site.

I used to use it on all my blogs for the statistics tracking and I even put the widget on a couple small blogs.

It happens to be on one of my main blogs right now and even changes quite frequently, although I suspect this is mostly people uknowingly signed in to some other Yahoo Service when they happen to visit my blog. I guess it will be time to remove it and go for a friend connect widget instead.

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Shakopee real estate said...

It's too sad to hear about this. First it was 360. Then MyBlogLog. I hope there's nothing that follows. Why did Yahoo! bought it but only left it as it is?

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