Linux OS popularity stats

                 Open-source is the keyword of web 2.0 and Linux is one of the greatest landscape in terms of OS . Many users are switching from native windows to linux based OS like ubuntu , fedora , RedHat etc . The stats are constantly changing and has a strong community of both developers and users.
Here are some of the info-graphics that show the popularity of Linux distributions across the world !

                On a global level,  Linux seems to be the strongest in India followed by Cuba and then Russia , followed by the Czech Republic and Indonesia . The first Western country when looking at regional popularity is Germany which is the 10th country in regards to search popularity for Linux .

Some interesting observations :
  • Ubuntu is most popular in Italy and Cuba.
  • OpenSUSE is most popular in Russia and the Czech Republic.
  • Red Hat is most popular in Bangladesh and Nepal.
  • Debian is most popular in Cuba.
  • Cuba is in the top five (interest-wise) of three of the eight distributions in this survey.
  • Indonesia is in the top five of four of the distributions. Russia and the Czech Republic are in the top five of five of the distributions.
  • The United States is not in the top five of any of the distributions.
Also check stats from search engines about Linux OS most hated of all Operating Systems
             It is obvious that ubuntu is in the leading linux distribution as it the very easy do it yourself and user friendly OS , and the bonus being anyone can get free CD shipped home  ! Currently only Ubuntu and Kubuntu cd's can be ordered home freely while rest linux distros need to be paid shipping charges . All are otherwise free and can be downloaded easily with loads of mirrors and torrent links available !
      In general, Linux is powerful and stronger in the East than in the West, mostly due to freeware as well as due to most people showing interest in open-source which is shamefully weak in the west countries ! This is naturally because Windows and Apple dominate there on a large scale leaving no room for Linux
Which of the distros have you tried ? i would love to check your opinions :)