What is Google Me ?

          Google and Bing are having war in search engines , Google will now tackle apple and windows in OS [ Operating System ] and since Google launched jackass facebook kinda spoof lite version integrated inside Gmail  - Google Buzz , again Google is planning new facebook killer - GoogleMe !

       GoogleMe is not official announcement from google team but this rumour is rocking the internet on fire . Right now addicted netizens as well as beginners know only of the hardcore two giants - Facebook and Google  and now when google launched buzz , it failed miserably but still its still one of the bookmarking kinda service and many widgets are usually seen in 3 - 4 blogs :)
              Orkut was the one of first free social service that was widely used but since after people tested facebook many of them ditched orkut ! And now there’s a big news that Google will attempt to pull the ground from under Facebook’s feet, by launching a new social networking service of its own possibly mixing and creating a hybrid of orkut , google profiles and of course google buzz added with much more features to crush facebook if rumour is true .
              This rumour was tweeted by Digg founder, Kevin Rose, who who’d heard the name of the upcoming “Facebook-killer” would be “Google Me”.

Facebook sticks to social networking and google is waving hands towards Gmail, Docs, Maps, Calendar , OS , and many other stuff . This move of google shows that google is more higher than facebook and have huge potential if it integrates all of its services under a common social netwok which facebook does not provide .
Can it be a Facebook killer? First of all , is this rumor real ?
Time will tell ...